A Rational Morality


Rational pantheism should involve a rational system of ethics or morality. The rational spiritualist should have some objective universal guidelines to help navigate the moral problems that they face. That system is a simple equation: M = B – H.

M = B – H

M = B – H or Moral action = Benefits to all Harms to all. So if a given action you perform results in more good than harm, it is the correct or moral action to take. Note that this does not limit itself to just people. All beings should be represented as well. A being’s moral worth is determined by a combination of their complexity and the benefits they provide others.

Subjective or Objective?

Many naysayers persist in the belief that morality is subjective. But that’s like saying science is subjective. Science involves following an objective method. The fact that some are too ignorant to understand that method or too self-centered (“evil”) to conform to it, is irrelevant to the method’s objectiveness. Similarly, morality is objective when conscientiously and competently following an objective moral method like M = B – H.

Some will say that determining what constitutes Benefits and Harms are subjective. Again though, benefits and harms are only useful when they are viewed objectively. If a perceived benefit is based on an unfounded belief, that is a subjective belief not an objective one. When harms and benefits are supported with appropriate justification they are evaluated objectively. Saying that morality cannot be objective is like saying science can’t be objective.

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