Against the Creator Argument

Most if not all religions have a creator myth. A supremely powerful being suddenly takes the notion to create the universe out of nothing. This myth though has a simple argument against it. Consider:

  • The Universe is all there is.
  • Nothing can exist outside of all there is.
  • If a creator existed then it could at best be identical to the Universe.
  • It is impossible for the creator to create itself.
  • Therefore the “creator”/Universe must have always existed.

Note that the argument contain one important assumption: energy cannot be created or destroyed as per the law of conservation of energy.

If the creator was not the Universe then the Universe consisted of the creator and some “stuff” or “energy”. The creator could fashion this stuff into the known universe but the Universe itself, was always there and will always be there.

So as is clearly evident, the notion of a creator creating the universe out of nowhere is logically impossible. At best you could say (as we do) that the creator or God has forever been gradually creating the universe into a different form much like we recreate ourselves as we grow.

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